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If you can understand/answer any of the below ramblings I would greatly appreciate it! THANK YOU!!! Locke’s Proof 1. 2. Man exists. (1, Definition of the word ‘know’) 3. Something cannot come from nothing. (Experience) 4. If a thing exists then it comes from something else. (Conditional of 3) 5. Man comes from something else. (2, 4) 6. There must exist a being with no beginning and thus is eternal. (4, 5) 7. Man can think and hold both passive and active powers. (Experience) 8. An “Incognitive being cannot produce a cognitive being” (pg 100). (Experience) 9. The eternal being is all-powerful and omniscient. (6, 7, 8)------Fix!! Possible objection against the validity premise 1: How do we know others exist or that other know they themselves exist? We cannot feel their hunger or other pains. We could easily correct this by putting it in terms of ourselves (I know that I exist…ect) but I feel like that might screw up the justifications for 6 Question: What would Locke’s rebuttal to ^^^this objection be? Is this even a valid objection or am I just being the devil’s advocate? Objection as to the Validity of Premise 3: How can you prove that something cannot come from nothing? Rebuttal: Can you think of something that originated from nothing? Question: Again, would this even count as an objection? To me, it sounds too childish to be considered a good obje
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