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PHIL 5584
Peter Kreeft

I. Introduction 1. Gift Love: man gives for his family 2. Need Love: child for his mother’s arms Divine love is more like Gift Love Our love is more like Need Love Nearness to God 1) Likeness to God (made in His image) 2) Nearness of approach (our paths are approaching his) II. Likings and Lovings for the Sub-Human -pleasures (preceded by desire and pleasure in own right) -nature gave the word glory a meaning for me → does not define but helps use utilize the definition -patriotism -love of home -love of country’s past -firm belief that our nation is the best -we are superior beings -loves because of merits III. Affection (storge) -based on familiarity -modest -accompanies other loves -can love the unattracted (compared to God loving the unlovable) -includes both Need-Love and Gift-Love -is threatened by Change -proper aim of giving is to independencinize the recipient → must work towards its own abdication -danger: ravenous need to be needed IV. Friendship (philia) -devalued because few experience it -allows for something within someone that only somebody else can bring out -must have an object (that which to gaze on) -companionship is only the matrix of Friendship -seek for more company (co
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