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Second treatise of government notes

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The Second Treatise of Government John Locke • Written appx end of the 1600s, about 30 years after Hobbes • Both Hobbes and Locke mention pre-political state of nature, all men are equal, government protects o How we get government? Why are they created?  Fundamental condition of man • Pre-political states of nature o State of equality o Freedom o Not borderline anarchy  Your rights end where someone else’s right began • “Where there is no law, there is no freedom” • There is reason = law • Hobbes’ State of nature = state of war o Locke’s isn’t a state of war but can degenerate into one  Reason for government is because of the inconveniences of selfish people • Promote the conquest of indigenous people o Locke’s state of nature = less oppressive • Refers to Hobbes who confounded state of nature with the state of war o Locke’s state of nature = living within reason with no government o State of war = when people infringe on your rights • State of nature (common judge) = no common judge • State of War = force without right, with or without common judge • “Life, liberty, and estate” = inalienable rights • Inventing modern concept of property o Concept of property may be considered blasphemous because God created everything and gave the world to Adam and his sons  Property could be a heresy • Every man has a property in his own person • Labor gives us property o Use of body to extract from common to use for yourself  You can take from god  Condition of abundance • Problem starts when you start taking more than you need or you take too much so there’s not enough left for others • There is a limit to taking and investing labor o Only take as much as you can use without it spoiling  Limit = spoiling • If you’re not using/cultivating land, it’s going to waste • Labor puts difference of value on everything o Everything is useless until labor is put into it • American Indian king is worse off than th
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