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Lecture 2

Complete Lecture 2 Notes

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Political Science
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POLI 2327

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9/5/13 • Think about liberal constitutions today o Set of foundational rules that structure/set up the government and public authorities and limit the government  Architecture of fundamental ground rules of society • Focus on constitutional interpretation o Want to know whether a behavior is constitutional or not, so you apply fundamentals to a case and make a judgment • Constitutional Design = question of how to build a structure/constitutional architecture o How do you know if you have a well-designed constitution or not?  Longevity - stability  Balance of power  Deliberation/Democracy  Definition of powers – precision, perfect mixture of clarity and ambiguity about powers  Means of change  Legitimate o Failure = war…your fundamental ground rules didn’t work • Want to establish a more perfect union, essentially o Want peace, defense, promote the general welfare, freedom • Once you have a constitution, how do you know what it means? • Barack Obama wants military strike against Syria o If he didn’t as Congress, would it be unconstitional?  Look at text • Says that he is commander in chief of armed forces •
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