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9/3/13 Lecture 1 • What is a constitution? o Principles/rules that people act within  Principles =morals/ideologies (like freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness, equality, democracy)  Rules = enforced (laws) • A constitution doesn’t need to be written necessarily (UK, Israel) o Advantages to a written constitution?  People can refer to these rules and principles that are written • Constitution has dual appeals o Has set rules that apply to the past and can’t sway – it anchors the polity  Freedom of expression/speech o Doesn’t stay the same  Understandings have changed and has adjust with the times • Arguments over whether the adjustment is a betrayal • Different ways of looking at what a constitution is o Aristotle’s view (classical understanding): constitution is a way that a particular polity organizes itself  How it lives in a political society, it’s framework, it’s nature • Descriptive – “this is how we do things” o Medieval/Roman view: constitution as law  Formal set of rules that are followed and applied to everyone alike that lives within that society • Rule of Law – there is such a thing as a set of rules and people live under those rules o Rules are set out and are known in ADVANCE o Locke said that without law, there is no freedom  You get to make the choice that determines the consequences of your actions (breaking the law and going to jail or following the law and be
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