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12/10/13 Lecture 26 Final: IDs (10/14) – 40% 2 Essays – 30% each • If you create an independent council, it will lead to problems when it comes to criminal defense o Morrison v. Olsen • Saturday Night Massacre o Case dealing with Watergate  Nixon administration is involved in this scandal  White House is tied to break in at Democrat National Headquarters • Chief prosecutor is the attorney general of the US o Allegation that president committed a crime o Nixon gets attorney general to get special prosecutor to look into this – Archibald Cox  Gets so close to finding evidence of a crime that Nixon butts in • Nixon says that he’d give him an edited version of the tapes – Cox refuses o Nixon asks people to get him fired but they all refused until solicitor Borke agrees to fire Cox o Now it’s in the news  Nixon has to do SOMETHING • Agrees to appoint another special prosecutor – Leon Gerorski – and promises not to fire him o Gerorski goes straight ahead with what Cox was doing  Goes to a judge and asks the judge to subpoena the tapes and Nixon exercises executive privilege o The modern era is an era of a very powerful federal judiciary  Real dilemma for the court – threat that Nixon would ignore the court • Constitutional crisis o What happens is that the court issues a unanimous ruling against Nixon  Court recognizes that presidents have executive privilege and know how important it is • Makes an exception for application to situation o It can’t be used to thwart a criminal investigation  There is no one in America that is above the law –
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