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Boston College
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POLI 2608
John Makransky

DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND INTERNATIONAL  RELATIONS Posc 150  TRENDS IN AMERICAN POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT  I. CONTENTS: 1. Overview of course administration 2. Issues inAmerican government and politics II. THE COURSE: 1. What you absolutely must do. 1. Read the syllabus carefully. 2. Attend class regularly 3. Subscribe to the New York Times (or at least keep up with current events). 4. Meet deadlines 2. Class periods are devoted interpretations ofAmerican government and politics. 1. It is not a systematic review of the parts ofAmerican government. C. Readings: 1. Main “texts”: i. Elizabeth Drew, The Corruption ofAmerican Politics ii. Robert Heilbroner and Lester Thurow, Economics Explained iii. Web readings in the “Cyber Reserve Room” 2. Independent reading: i. Robert Tucker, May God Have Mercy ii. The New York Times 3. You’ll always be told where to be in the reading. D. Current Events 1. Please! Purchase a subscription to the New York Times from the Newsstand on Main Street. (Near Rainbow Records.) E. Web site and e-mail. 1. If you don’t pick up something, lose it, or just want a copy get it at 2. Review questions are not included. You have to come to class for those. III. ISSUES IN AMERICAN POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT 1. ä The role of government in society. 1. How much government is necessary and desirable. 2. September 11 and recent elections 2. ä Building and maintaining democracy. 1. èDemocracy means government “by” the people. i. People in general, not just some of them, must be able to make Posc 150  Class 1 ­ Trends in American Po
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