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Political Science
POLI 2608
John Makransky

DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND INTERNATIONAL  RELATIONS Posc 150  WHO GOVERNS: COMPARISON  I. CONTENTS: A. Before discussing state and capitalism two films 1. Example of pluralism in action. 2. Illustrations of power elite model. II. PLURALISM 1. Short film clip that illustrates elements of pluralistic politics. 2. The sugar quota bill. 1. This provision of the law, which limits sugar imports and keeps the cost sugar high compared to international prices, is much loved by growers (and presumably their workers) but is bitterly resented by food and soft drink manufacturers. i. Group conflict that takes places in the halls of Congress. ii. This is still a contentious issue. 1) The Bush administration has talked about limiting this type of program, but has so far not been able to accomplish much. C. Look for: 1. â Interest groups, lobbies and PACs. i.èPoliticalAction Committees (PACs): solicit donations from members, bundle them, and donate to candidates who support their interests. 2. eCampaign finances: reforms enacted in the 1970s tried to control the flood of money into politics, but... 3. eThe importance of congressional committees. 4. Cross-party line fights. 5. eThe labyrinth of the legislative functioning that often keeps the public in the dark. D. T Follow the main “actors.” 1. Dan Burton (R, Florida) 2. FloSun, American Sugar. 3. Note Senator Santorum’s (R, Pennsylvania) position. Hershey has major operations in his state. 4. Charles Lewis is ex-UD political science graduate who has made it big. III. POWER ELITE MODEL: A. The film, “Taken ForARide,” illustrates various points. 1. a“Things don’t just happen.” Posc 150  Class 6 ­ Who Governs: Comparison Page 2  i. Many aspects of contemporary life are the result of conscious decisions made by people and groups for their specific benefit. 2. aWords like “progress,” “modernization,” and “advancement” are often used in sentences claiming to assert just plain and simple facts. But economic and technical development don’t have to take any particular form and always bring costs as well as benefits, disadvantages as well as advantages. i. This aspects illustrates how the “higher circles” influence or attempt to influence the public philosophy. 3. The power of the “higher circles.” i.T Public (mass) transportation gave way to private c
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