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Lecture 6

POLI1061 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Henry L. Stimson, Antisemitism, Arms ControlPremium

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Political Science
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Replacing the League
Foreign affairs under Harding
decided not to join League of Nations
Sec. of State Charles Hughes negotiates separate peace treaties
aimed to receive benefits from Versailles w/out responsability
tried to find different ways to prevent war
Washington Conference of 1921
trying to prevent naval armaments race between US Britain and Japan
wanted to scrap 2 mil tons of shipping
Five-Power Pact of February 1922 established limits for naval
Nine-Power Pact continues Open Door in China
Four-Power Pact respect other pacific territories
Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 ended conference by outlawing war as
part of national policy?
Beginning of Foreign Conflict
Hitler comes to power after losing the 1932 election
Aryans are racially superior, anti semitism
Rise of Soviet Union and Chiang Kai-Shek trying to expand to manchuria unnerves our
friends in Japan who aren’t actually our friends because Pearl Harbor
Japanese Military coup 1931 invades north Manchuria
Sec of State Henry Stimson hoped Japan would halt invasion
Stimson warns Japan but has no backbone couldn’t even sanction the invaders
refused to recognize new Japanese territories
US and the USSR
US tries to expand foreign trade hates USSR less but not like a lot less
US didn’t really recognize their govt
USSR wanted help protecting themselves from Japan
foreign minister Litvinov decides to protect US citizens in USSR and stop propaganda
in US in trade for recognition
still not friends
Good Neighbor Policy
relations with latin america
increased trade by over 100%
Hoover pulled out FDR went right back in
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