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Lecture 4

POLI 2342 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Body Politic, ProtestantismPremium

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Political Science
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POLI 2342

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The Idea of Self-Government!
the concept of the colonial charter!
certain written for of what the government may or may not do !
how to organize this government -> very important documents!
3rd Charter of Virginia
established a body politic!
those with the charter can state a new city and new political order!
can't be contradictory to english laws!
created colonies with elements of the english government!
legislatures, trial by jury, common law in the colonies!
these legal ideas were important to a new place in America!
their circumstances made the colonies dicult !
many of them were very small, and governed in a more democratic fashion!
the King in england makes a promise and gives a grant of land!
people on this land have the capacity to govern themselves if the laws accord with english
the king can't govern this place himself, established a "great and general court"!
this court can make laws and ordinances for the colony!
the assembly isn't an executive because the king himself is the executive branch of the
they instead have to elect a governor!
charters establish a government and establish that the people made it themselves!
experience gave the colonists expertise in the pitfalls of self-government!
In American, people who established the government were much more experienced than those
in other parts of the world!
they were public servants, intellectuals with political knowledge!
the laws protect against a revolutionary government!
The Role of Religion!
protestant christianity had a major impact on the functioning of the earliest colonies!
protestants were the majority!
dissenting protestants made the most successful colonies!
the new england colonies never had any major civil conflicts!
government was conducted peacefully, which set an important example for all future
the distinctive qualities of American government can be traced back to the NE
these were the most successful!
John Adams was influential because of this strain of thought!
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