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Lecture 25

POLI 2403 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Un Women

Political Science
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POLI 2403

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The UN Cont'd
Secretariat Cont'd
oProvides studies
oCarry out tasks that are directed by the UN agencies
Staff is chosen on a combination of metrics to make it more diverse- regional representation is
Headed by Secretary General
oTwo core functions
World's chief diplomat
Functional manager of UN operations
oCan raise issues before the security council
Breton Woods Establishments are specialized agencies of the UN, but were not created as UN
programs- folded into the UN, so Secretariat is over these
Major Programs/ Umbrella Agencies--> coordination bodies
oUN Water
oUN Energy
oUN Women
Hosts large scale, global conferences on an ad hoc basis (though some are recurring)
oCan do 2 things
Can be designed to focus attention on an issue or a problem
Typically issue non-binding recommendations
Can be designed to negotiate a new treaty
Issue binding treaties or agreements
Can have a combination of both
Ex: Earth Summit in Rio
Reforming the UN
Reforms taken under the charter
oRelatively easy reforms to make
oNew bodies can be created to address new issues
oCan also address coordination issues
oAddress accountability and transparency
oCan get rid of bodies no longer working
Reforms to amend charter itself
o1963: SC was modified and ECOSOC enlarged
o1973: ECOSOC further expanded
Issues Needing Reform
oCoordination and Management
There have been steady improvements, including creation of coordinating
umbrella agencies
Administratively inefficient- struggle to conclude contracts on time, tremendous
amount of overlap between agencies and programs
Secretariat size has been reduced to increase efficiency by reducing duplication
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