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Lecture 25

POLI 2403 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Our Common Future, International Non-Governmental Organization, Civil Society

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 2403

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Human Development
All reading materials and lecture materials through March 17 can be on exam
Scheduled for March 20th
Short answers
o Descriptive/definitions
o Paragraph long, sometimes lists
o Integration of ideas
o Theoretical constructs applied to a specific area, compare/contrast, etc.
Human Development
A step away from high politics issues
Includes issues such as
o Poverty
o Hunger Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
o Education - UNESCO
o Sustainability- ECOSOC and UNDESA (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs:
part of UN secretariat, reports to ECOSOC on sustainability issues)
o Health- WHO
o Access to work/quality of work available -ILO/UNCTAD
All are quality of life issues; ensuring that everyone on the planet has access to enough
resources to fulfill their potential
These issues can drive conflict when they're not addressed
Issues often addressed by TNAs, INGOs, economic institutions, UN institutions
o Economic Institutions in the field of human development include the World Bank and
the IMF and they focus on loans and concessions and restructuring economic systems at
the national level; potentially, under the IMF, debt relief
o UN Institutions
Mostly through programs and activities, which are overseen by either ECOSOC or
UNDP- UN Development Program: responsible for the relationship between the UN
and national governments; offices tasked with supporting national governments in
their own development processes
Sustainable Development
Two competing global trends
o Ongoing degradation of environment which makes human development difficult
o Need to develop adequately so everyone has a good quality of life, and this
development requires natural resources
Strong link/tension between environmental degradation and development
Concept that attempts to link these two phenomenon; link between human development
and environment first recognized in 1972 Stockholm Declaration (UNCHE)
o Development is sustainable if it successfully takes into account the social and ecological
factors of development, not just the economic, and takes into account both long and
short term effects of alternative actions
o Pillars of Sustainable Development
1. Economy
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