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Lecture 2

POLI 2403 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Mortal Sin, Dignity, Interdict

Political Science
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POLI 2403

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21. Feb 2017
Both docx & pdf are updated up to 21. Feb
For midterm, he will print various terms on single strips of paper, you’ll draw out three
and choose one to define
Also role play scenario & answer a question about Lewis’ The Great Divorce
Vocabulary / terms:
Attrition & contrition -> from attrition comes true contrition
Attrition = imperfect contrition -> most people
Contrition = perfection contrition -> when people move deeper over time
Goal is to help people move from attrition to contrition
Bar set at attrition for valid confession
Canonical penalties
Interdict - suspension of sacraments for a group of people defined by an
appropriate ecclesial authority; not excommunication
Historical example: all people in a given country weren’t allowed to
receive communion because the Pope is angry with the government
Modern attempt: anyone voting for pro-choice legislation not allowed to
receive communion
Latae sententiae - usually for excommunion, “broad sentence”
Not automatic (which would be “ipso facto”), but pretty darn close to it
Occurs because of a certain action / decision under a given set of
circumstances, but there are always exceptions
E.g. abortion (canon 1323, 1324) -> latae sententiae, except if girl
under 16 even if she knew exactly what the punishment was; or an
adult, but didn’t know the Church’s position or was mentally not
Commuting penances - canon 1247, 1245
In you have faculties to hear confession, you also have faculties to commute
penances or obligations
Superios can commute for those within their realm of responsibility
Can commute to another day or parish
E.g. kid doesn’t like parish mass, but can commute to weekday school
Can commute outside of sacramental confession
Don’t do open ended -- give boundaries & and an ending point
Confession of devotion - regular penitent, but hasn't really committed a new sin -> you’ll
hear elderly woman thinking back to earlier sins
Can celebrate because from attrition comes contrition
Use graces of sacrament to deepen contrition
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