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Lecture 7

POLI 2403 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: C. S. Lewis, Mortal Sin, Good Works

Political Science
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POLI 2403

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17. Jan 17
Bretzke encourages the penitent to use their own words (and language) for the Act of
~70% of those that participate in reconciliation are women by Bretzke’s estimation
Sacrament = matter & form
Eucharist = bread & win (matter) & form is eucharistic prayers
Reconciliation = sins confessed (matter) & absolution (form)
All mortal sins that the penitent is aware of that have not already be
confessed = only ones required; others can be also confessed if wanted
Scholastic theology argued about validity vs. licity
Validity: valid or not valid (no spectrum)
“I absolve you” is enough - Father, Son, Holy Spirit almost always
Licity: based on liturgical, canon law
Not licit if modified from the norm prayers (e.g. changing words of
eucharistic prayers)
Spectrum more to less serious issues of illicit behavior
Middle ages
“Ego te absolvo” vs. “te absolvo” -- basically the same exact thing, “ego”
just emphasizes the “I” doing the action
Venial sins forgiven by
Personal act of contrition
Prayer, fasting, mortification
Good works
Penitential rites in mass
Sacrament is the ordinary way of forgiving mortal sin
1) perfect act of contrition
2) seeing the sin for what it is & being sorry for it -> can be deepened
Sacrament can forgive imperfect contrition -> just requires some regret
More harm will be done by withholding absolution then giving it
Requirements for valid & licit:
Actual sin confessed = real; freedom, knowledge, consent by the person
Material sin (person doesn’t see the sin) vs. actual sin (person understand
it as a sin)
At least imperfect contrition
Firm purpose / resolve of ammendent = desire not to do it again = stating that
you have a desire to have the desire is enough
Willingness to do penance
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