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Lecture 1

POLI 2403 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Congregation Of The Most Holy Redeemer, Absolution, Amish Grace

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 2403

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28. Feb 17
Curious case of George:
Came from Dick Hill, SJ (taught at Berkeley, deceased)
Canon lawyer, pastorally oriented middle of the road
Most similar to current canon lawyer, Ladislas Orsy, who is one of the greatest in
Bretzke’s opinion → able to give an integrated canon law & pastoral response
Canon law should be for the health of souls
What Jesus was saying to Pharisees in Matthew: how the law mediated God’s
grace, righteousness; God’s righteousness is different than human concepts of
justice / righteousness
Learning outcomes:
Situation that should raise flags that you may not be able to puzzle out right now
What do you do in the confessional when you don’t have th answer → how do
you pastorally buy time?
What time do you need?
Consult phone -> expert in canon law could take 20 min to a few
What to say:
“Your case has some canonical issues I have to get some input on
-- can you come back in a few days?”
“This is a really complicated case, can we pray on it for a day or
“Mass is about to begin and I really would like to devote some
more time to this -- would you mind coming back after mass is
over to talk for longer? Feel free to go to communion during
If anonymous, you are kind of screwed -- have to deal with then &
there since you don’t really know who they are
What NOT to say:
“Hmm I wonder if this is an impediment?”
“Wow that’s crazy!”
What NOT to do:
Ask local authority for expedited dispension → they’ll be able to
figure out who you are asking for and therefore an indirect break
of the seal of confession
Holy See dispensations that months
Usually they are to ask for delegation to life a censure or penalty
Almost no reserved sins anymore → false denunciation of a priest is the only one
really (previous code had quite a few more)
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