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Lecture 5

POLI 2403 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Colloquialism, Absolution

Political Science
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POLI 2403

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31. Jan 17
1st Confessional Response Case
Respond to drawn item
Copy past original question
Possibilities for how to answer:
Bullet-point of discussion points
Verbatim style (just the first part, not the analysis section)
One give one scenario as response and only one penance (not options
well, if she said this then… I would give this or that)
3-5 pages -- fewer pages if bullet-point, more if verbatim
Due 14. Feb -- Bretzke’s valentine’s day present from us :)
Response paper were all the appropriate length
Medicinal -> spiritual practice always ok, creativity is encouraged
Confessional scenarios
Setting can include what the priest would “know” going in (e.g. location,
visual clues from person) but not things like 41 year old married mother of
Just give the opening statement not your analysis or thoughts to it
Canon law fun - based on the Bretzke handout with only a few canons listed as
“SealHandout” in week 3
Watch out for interrogation
Question to clarify, not to drag out info for your own interest / amusement
What you never want to do: never compromise seal of confession -- don’t
betray the person outside the confessional
Virtually never need to know who the penitent is or where they work / live
-> you don’t need their identity
Goal: what is the species? What is the (approximate) number?
Example later in class from Venice, Fl that is just wrong -- HS girls being
asked by young priest about sexual sins explicitly (leading) -> breaks the
“not troubling a delicate penitent” (Alphonsus Maria de Liguori) -> don’t move
the penitent from material -> actual sin
Manuals: be cautious around 6th commandment, don’t want penitent to
have memories that could lead to the occasion of sin
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