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PRTO 1000
Joseph Cioni

Chantz Delgado September 23 , 2010 MH 100.17-22 Portico Reflection Paper #1 Complete Bliss th The last time that I was happy was March 7 , 2010. I remember specifically how the day turned out. I woke up in the morning with intentions of getting a nice haircut and going to my high school named Cardinal Hayes to prepare to play our varsity championship basketball game against Stepinac High School in New York. Mr. Joseph Lods, my varsity coach at the time, told the team to be there at 2pm because the game began at 7pm. Unfortunately, due to the cluster in the barbershop, I would arrive to my school twenty minutes late. I was extremely upset with myself and I began to speak to myself. I specifically said, 鼎hantz, this is your last game, give it your best shot and play as if it was your last game ever. I was emotional and I knew that today is the day that I had to prove myself. I just came off a severe ankle injury that plagued me for a few games. The bus ride was absolutely silent due to the butterflies fluttering in our players' stomach. I was not in the starting rotation due to my lateness which also caused fire to burn inside of me. When this occurs, the best of my basketball game is displayed, and when I got into the game, I played my best. When I went to check in the game, I did not feel any pain and any feeling of being nervous. In fact, I felt a sense of carpe diem, and thus caused me to inevitably feel emotional.As soon as I got into the g
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