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Boston College
SOCY 1097
Elaine Tarutis

Interpretive Paragraph: Elie Wiesel Readings Both The Trial of God and Night have similar themes about questioning God’s actions and loosing ones faith with God. In both books, the protagonist has lost his faith in God because of all the horror and destruction that is going on around him. Because of the awful pograms in Shamgorod, Berish, the only survivor, has lost his faith in God’s mercy exclaiming that “God is merciless...I no longer rely on Him; I’d rather rely n the drunkenness of a priest”(Wiesel 42). Berish, a character in The Triad of God, actually reminds me a great deal of Job from the Bible. Both seem to be angry at God for wronging them and both want to face God and charge him with offenses that they feel they didn’t deserve. Like the fake trial against God Berish puts on in The Trial Of God, Job too wishes he could, “state [his] case before Him and fill [his] mouth with arguments (23.4) Personally I do not blame Berish, Job, or any other person who losses their faith in God after tragedy strikes. I feel like at least everyone starts to at least question God when something horrible happens. I know I begin to question my faith every ti
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