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SOCY 1097
Elaine Tarutis

Journal #4 Judgment Personally, I the best concept of judgment I can come up with springs from the form of judgment in “Good News from the Afterlife,” but my concept is expanded a little. In this story, judgment is judging “the distance between every deed and its motive”(125), in other words, whether or not a man’s actions reflect what he and his conscience truly feels is right. For example, in “Good News from the Afterlife,” the dead man spoke out in front of his angry uncle, declaring that he wanted to live with his father which he truly felt was the right thing to do. The two angels of judgment praise him for this action saying, “That was a great thing”(130). Conversely, when he returns to school even though he does not want to the angels rebuke him saying, “As long as a man is alive he is capable of saying no. There is never any justification for a man to deny the voice inside him”(132). That voice every man must listen to is his conscience. I agree with all of this type of afterlife judgment, that a man should be judged on his deeds in terms of the motive he was doing them for. A man who steals food in order to feed his family shouldn’t be punished as harshly in the afterlife as a man who steals food for profit. The profit-seeker knows what he’s doing is wrong, he feels it in his conscience but he does it anyways, whereas the family man feels in his conscience that it is better to steal food than let his family starve. I believe that this form of judgment should take place after deat
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