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Boston College
SOCY 1097
Elaine Tarutis

Journal #8- Visit to Stonewall Jackson Cemetery Despite the cold and the wind, our visit to Stonewall Jackson Cemetery was rather enjoyable. Looking at and around for interesting looking graves was more fun than I anticipated it would be and I ended up finding some really interesting ones. For example, the first grave I saw was in the shape of a castle. I searched online, but unfortunately there is no associated symbolism for death and a castle. The story behind grave itself was still interesting however. It was the grave of a fifteen year old girl who died at VMI. She was both a wife and a daughter at the age of fifteen which I found interesting and the grave dated back to 1859. On the grave was the inscription, “God help us,” suggesting the girl was religious and probably feared death. The epitaph asks God to help “us,” the us in this stance being unclear either referring to the collective of people on earth or the collective of people who have died. If it is the former, th
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