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Journal 9 week 11 reflection

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Boston College
SOCY 1097
Elaine Tarutis

Journal #9 Week 11 Reflection: Most Meaningful Reading Over the course of this term we have read many different works on many different religious views on death by a variety of authors but out of all of them my absolute favorite and most meaningful reading to me has been the selections by Elie Wiesel, most specifically The Trial of God. Captivated from the first page, I found not only the philosophies of death and dying agreeable and interesting, but also the storyline. The story kept me captivated the entire time with the mystery of what happened to Berish and Hannah during the pogrom and the twist at the end of the play where Sam turns out to be the devil. One of the major debates in the novel, whether or not God should intervene in the world and if so, at what point and to what extent, is a long standing debate that fascinates me. Truthfully, I still do not know which side I favor, but this reading definitely helped me see both sides of the argument and forced me to consider which argument I favor. After reading this play I feel like I side more with those who think God should not intervene because it raises to many questions, negates free will, and sets a precedent: however, I am sure one day something so awful will happen that it makes me change my mind and agree that God should intervene. I also liked this reading a lot because it was really easy to relate to. Although I am not Jewish myself, I can relate to blaming God for misfortunes that happen in our lives and questioning whether or not he really cares when everythin
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