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Living Will

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SOCY 1097
Elaine Tarutis

Journal #3 6. My Living Will (Massachusetts) PROLONGING LIFE In the case that I become unconscious and it is relatively certain that I will never regain consciousness, I choose not to prolong my life. I feel that if there no possibility I will regain consciousness that I have already suffered a psychological death and there is no point to keeping me alive. If I have a soul, I do not want it trapped in a body that has no chance of being able to live again. In all other cases where my conscious self is involved refer to the following; In terms of Resuscitation: I do not want to be resuscitated if I am diagnosed with and incurable and irreversible condition. In any cases where there is not certainty of my impending death please resuscitate. Resuscitate for as long as medically acceptable. If I do not begin breathing or my heart does not start beating on its own within five to seven minutes of the resuscitation you may stop resuscitation and let me die. After the five to seven minutes I have probably already suffered enough brain damage to not be able to live a happy existence with what little time I would have left so stop resuscitating after five to seven minutes. In terms of Mechanical Ventilation: Do not put me on a mechanical ventilator if (a). I am unconscious and there is no chance of me every regaining consciousness (if unsure put me on ventilation but as soon as it is determined that I will not wake up take me off) or (b). there is no chance of me every being taken off of the ventilator (again, once it is determined that I will never be able to breathe on my own, take me off of the ventilator). In
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