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Introduction to Paul Monette

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Boston College
SOCY 1097
Elaine Tarutis

Introduction to Paul Monette’s “3275” Main Points 1. Grief is a. Quote on page 240 “Grief is madness…They will tell you it abates over time but that is a lie. What drowns you in the first year is a force of solitude and helplessness exactly equal in intensity to the love you had for the one who’s gone” b. Grief is awful and you never really recover from the loss of a person. That loss just leaves empty spaces. 2. Death is not bad for the dying but rather those left behind. a. Monette is constantly surrounded by death (death of his lovers and his mother) b. He lives his life in the graveyard, although his visits slowly fade over time. 3. Throughout the excerpt he keeps going on quests to different gravestones trying to find the best epitaph and trying to figure out what he wants to write on his (cultural transcendence) a. In the end he realizes (page 251)… 4. Relates to Rosen on page 240 a. “Through the pounding in his head, the blindness and paralysis, all his body functions out of control he had somehow heard me come in. Had waited.” 5. “Writ in water” a. Uses this phrase a lot b. Means, you are transient, and although you might have an effect on those aro
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