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Interpretative Paragraph 6 The Bible

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SOCY 1097
Elaine Tarutis

The most fascinating idea to me in these readings was John’s revelations of the final Day of Judgment. Not being the world’s most devout Catholic, I have never read “The Revelation of John,” so the imagery fascinated me. How after one thousand years of Jesus’ rule on earth “Satan will be released and a final battle will take place between good and evil”(92). Not to criticize, but it sounds very similar to something one would hear out of a fairytale book, where there is one ultimate battle where good triumphs over evil. Then all the dead will rise, and “The Last Judgment” will take place. Although he doesn’t go into detail about this final judgment, I feel like it would be very similar to the judgment from the two angels in “Good News from the Afterlife,” except instead of angels, God and Jesus judge you. There is a very deep rooted mythic tran
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