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THEO 1002
Martha Marie Morrison

1/14/14 Lecture 1 • New Testament = 50 year span of writing o Centered on Galilee, Jerusalem, and is heading to Rome  New geographical territory into the lands of Greece and Rome – new worlds with new sets of ideas • Main figure throughout is Jesus of Nazareth o One individual who is a combination of all the different roles and purposes found in the Old Testament  Apostle Paul writes about Jesus, and is also another main character • Focuses on faith and personal piety • How do we get to the New Testament? o As Israel forms and took its shape as its own unique nation, tradition continued to the Exile in Babylon  With Exile, stream will split into 2 parts – not everyone came back from exile • Have the development of Diaspora (scattering of the Jews) o Scatter to all the major cities, all the way to the Roman Empire  The diaspora world will preserve the ancient traditions but it is outside of Judah in foreign places • Those who returned to Judah are in their own home and begin to become God’s chosen people once again o Have the Law and the Cult (sacrifices in the Temple of Jerusalem)  Cult causes travel problems for the diaspora who live far away (can’t travel all the way to the temple) • Focus on Diaspara community turns to personal piety because they have NO ritual sacrifice  Persians release Jews from exile • Polar opposites start to show up here, further (angels and demons) o Alexander the Grea
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