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April 1, 2014 Thomas Aquinas Intro • Christian thought is one of “exitus” and “reditus” • Each article is a miniature dialogue via the process of the dialectic which is a method of argument in which one discusses opposing ideas in order to find the truth • The articles are a way of proceeding and learning (the Question, objection, response) Whether besides philosophy any further doctrine is required • Objection 1: anything outside of philosophy we cannot know so there it is unnecessary to study philosophy • Objection 2: reason knows things exist, what exists is intelligible, and theology isn’t so it’s unnecessary • On the contrary: man is oriented towards that which is beyond the human bing o Man= finite reality with an infinite capacity o To be united with that end (of infinity) the end needs to communicate with us and that exceeds reason so theology must exist • Salvation= primary motivation for revelation o It is discovering the truth, allowing humans to directly communicate with God o Revelation= contact, not information about God. Its for union with god, for salvation o Personal self communication between god and humans  Reason exists but also theological texts like scripture • Reply to Objection 1: There’s things above human knowledge, and philosophy doesn’t get at these things like theology and faith can • Reply to Objection 2: we shouldn’t be limited to learning about things by one way, namely via philosophy o Theology has a place within a network of sciences, they are all after truth, but they are separate. They all have parameters that one must work within and theology is no different.  Deals w
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