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April, 10 2014 Catholic Reformation and Contemporary Lutheran-Catholic Ideals Comparing Martin Luther and the Council of Trent: Grace and Justification • How does original sin affect human nature? o Martin Luther: original sin destroys free will; human beings do not have the capacity to become better before God o Council of Trent: Original sin weakens but does not extinguish free will; human beings retain innate, God-given capacity to do good through cooperation with grace • What affect does justification have on human nature o Martin Luther:  Humans remain sinful after justification  When God sees humanity, God sees Christ; this is justification. Meanwhile Humanity remains sinful o Council of Trent: Moral striving possible after justification; grace assists human being in becoming more moral after justification • What causes Justification? o Martin Luther:  Justification results solely from god’s grace  Christ “covers” humanity in the eyes of God  Human beings accept justification through faith alone (not works) o Council of Trent: Justification results from God’s grace, but humans must consent and co
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