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THEO 1016

April 14, 2014 Jesus and the Cosmos Intro Discussion • Humans need to tell stories, we are story telling creatures—“homo symbolicus” o Apollo 8 mission: read creation stories while orbiting the moon • Symbols can be presented through techne (ex: writing) • Going to the moon has changed how we tell stories • Christian theology difficulty o Has strong ties to it’s history so it is difficult to see it’s relation to the modern idea of the cosmos o How does it continues to tell its story in light of changing culture?  Hermeneutical: the study of interpretation Book Discussion • Chapter 2 is an assessment of matter, life, and consciousness in broad brushstrokes and without argument • The universe is ever expanding so there must have been an explosion (big bang) o At some point it was compact o Previous idea is that the cosmos were static and so this was revolutionary and this new idea led us to see space and time in a new way than before o Suggests God is continually active… doesn’t create and leave and watch • Homo-sapiens o Came into existence around 200,000 years ago, but 30-40 thousands years ago for more modern humans o “Sapien” means knowledge, wisdom o We can re-present the cosmos as a whole in our minds • Rahner’s Statements o Theological, not scientific o 1) All creatures form one community grounded in their creator, 2) human beings are the cosmos come to self-awareness before God, 3) evolutionary change is empowered
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