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February 18, 2014 Etty Hillesum:An Interrupted Life Intro • Etty is a seeker but not necessarily within a religious tradition o One does not need to be in a religious tradition in order to seek o Example of Pope Benedict’s quote on Etty Hillesum Etty Hillesum Bio • Most of what we know about her comes from her diaries • Born 1914 in the Netherlands and dies in 1944 at 29years old inAuschwitz • Had a scholarly father and a sociable but overbearing mother of Russian decent. • She grew up in an “assimilated” Jewish home, or a “secular” home. She wears her Judaism lightly. • Had two brothers o Mischa  Etty has a substantial relationship with him  He is a musician, specifically a pianist  Suffers from schizophrenia o Jaap  Considered the more gifted child, “bright”  Studied medicine  Suffered from some other psychological problem • Went toAmsterdam to study law but ends up studying literature and language • At one point she lives in a house with several other people which is registered under Jaap’s name but is run by Haan. o Haan is a widower and an accountant o Etty has a sexual relationship with Haan but she barley mentions him in her diary o Haan has a son named Hans who studied economics and is pious o Etty lives with Haan, Hans, Kathe (a devout Christian), Maria (who is Jewish), and Bernard (a chemistry student). o This living situation seems to be a micro chasm of broader society • She is associated with anti-fascist politics (left wing) but doesn’t dwell on this • She makes a living by house-keeping and tutoring in Russian • She moves to Vesterborg, a concentration camp, and is transported toAuschwitz in 1944 o She throws a postcard out the train window and this is the last written thing by Etty before her death • Etty learns of Julius Spier through Bernard o She sought a professional relationship with a therapist because she has spiritual impulses and yearnings; she wants a mentorship to give her personal growth. February 18, 2014 o She also worries about her psychological health because she is aware of her family’s mental history. Julius Spier Bio • Student of Carl Jung (equivalent to Freud of his time) o Jung associated with transpersonal psychology, which is where anxiety and neuroses come from • Practiced psycho-chirology o Reading hands to see their personality • Taught courses and lectures • Divorced o Heidl is his first wife and he has two kids with her o He’s engaged to Hertha who emigrated to London to escape Nazi Germany • Emigrated to Amsterdam • He is the reason why Etty writes the diary. He tells her she needs to write to und
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