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THEO 1016

February 13, 2014 St.Augustine, Confessions Books 7+8 Intellectual Conversion • “Ek”-“Stasis”: “out”-“Standing” – break down of “ecstasy”. • Platonic experience, ecstasy experience o Prodded towards his mystical experience by platonic philosophy o He enters into himself and transcends beyond himself: what is the source of consciousness and intelligence • Discursive reason o Active cognition and deliberation, a step by step plan • He uses his senses, imagination, and discursive reason o His own mind in changeable so he has to escape it to understand o The changeable is better than anything o He sees that which is—God (who is in all things and beyond all things)  This is transrational, not irrational  God is truly infinite so he is truly in all things • Internal journey and transformation o An intuitive existential encounter with ultimate reality • Enters into his own consciousness to enter divine consciousness • He does not sustain this ecstasy, he comes back o He know intuits to understand what God is Moral Conversion • Manichaean view of good and evil: two forces interminably battle with one another o Both are a being, essence, and substance o Man occupies the middle space between them, evil feels like a force happening to him o Good: immaterial o Evil: material • Augustine denies the Manichaean view and accepts the idea that there are many wills that are intertwined, one has multiple impulses • Augustine wants to imitate Victorinus but can’t, he has a divided will. o If you form a will that you continuously give in to you form a habit, and that habit can become a compulsion • He realizes evil is not outside, it is within himself, in compulsion and habit • Flesh is disordered desires, not the body • Struggle in the garden o The setting relates to Jesus in Gethsemane andA
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