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January 21, 2014 C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves Affection • These show the negative side of affection and leads to the point that affection produces happiness only if there is give and take and common decency o Mrs. Fidget  Woman who expresses extreme Gift-Love affection and who does so because she needs it.  She lived for her family but in doing so she stood in the way of them and in her passing the family was able to enjoy themselves and were no longer hindered by her extreme gift-love  Needs to give and so needs to be needed  She takes away other independence and undermines autonomy in another person o The domestic Rudesby  Affection allows one to be able to say anything to those he or she has affection for, but this type of person takes advantage of this by saying spiteful things because of his resentments or speaks ruthlessly because of his ego  Thinks he is worthy of universal love  This is a perversion of Need-Love, affection gone awry o Dr. Quartz  University professor who dedicated himself to his students but instead of being excited/proud when his students begin to think for themselves and become as good as their master, he shuns them, rejecting the fact that they are now equals  He likes needing to be needed  He is greedy and likes to propagate disciples  Creates independence in others but then does not want them to use it • If you live by affection alone it will go bad on you, and you cannot separate the loves or it will go bad on you • If Affection becomes everything, it becomes a Demon Friendship (Philia) • Ancients Vs. Modern view: o Ancients view it as the happiest and most fully human of all loves o Modern world ignores it • Characteristics: o Least natural of loves because it must be activ
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