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5/1/14 C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves Eros and Sexual Desire • Eros is being in love and can also have sexual desire, but sexuality is only part of Eros when it involves the state of being in love. • “Venus” is the term used for pure sexual desire, without love. • Lewis does not believe sexual desire with Eros is pure and without Eros is impure. • One can desire sex with another and then go on to develop Eros after • Sexual desire without Eros wants “It”, the thing, Eros wants the beloved o “It” is a sensory pleasure and thus very often a Pleasure ofAppreciation. However, it can also be a Need-Pleasure because it is necessary for mankind and reproduction. o Eros makes one want the particular person, not the pleasure they can give Eros • Obliterates the distinction between giving and receiving • Is noblest or purest when Venus is reduced to the minimum • Makes abstinence easier • “As Venus within Eros does not aim at pleasure, so Eros does not aim at happiness” o Sex in love is not about the pleasure and also love is not all about happiness o We would much rather be unhappy with our lover than happy without them because the pain of parting is too great • “It is in the grandeur of Eros that the seeds of danger are concealed” o when Eros speaks like a God, disregarding happiness, it can lead to good and evil o Love that leads to suicide, murder, etc. is extremely sincere and ready for any sacrifice except giving up • Provides an image of a higher love and must be redeemed by that higher love Venus • “All my life a ludicrous and portentous solemnization of sex has been going
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