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THEO 1016

March 18, 2014 Intro to Christian Theology Professor Robinette “To teach cultivation of attention would be the education par excellence,” —William James st Laird (1 Reading) • Quality of attentiveness related to death o Both about letting go and letting be o We will all die one day: our capacity to action will surely end o Death, a process or event?  An event when it occurs suddenly, a process when you are aware of death and can understand it or have time to comprehend it o Death while living  Death before dying  Letting it overcome you before it has arrived  When one focuses on his or her won desires  Ego, the “I”, works to protect the self and be in control of itself • Death of Ego is when one lets go of projects and desires • Undergoing death to live in a new way • Illusion of separation: the selves we think ourselves to be is a construct, or illusion (the Ego is a construction, it does not see ourselves rightly) • God is not a “thing”, not a function of our Ego, so to enter into a reality with God is to die without dying, or have our Ego die. Entering into a reality with God is a less secure place for the Ego, not more; it is not another attachment. • Inward Emptiness o Not absence, it’s a superabundance.An emptiness that is a fullness o Lack of “things”= fullness of God o Ex) a feeling from music, which isn’t a thing, it is a contact with a reality tha
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