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March 20, 2014 Athanasius: On the Incarnation Part 1 Why read this book? • It’s a classic of Christian theology o Staying power: enduring interest an value in the history of Christian theology o Exemplary: its themes, arguments, and rhetorical style are paradigmatic for the work of Christian theology o “Orthodox”: reflects what would be “normative” for Christians to believe Athanasius • 298-373BC • Lived inAlexandria NorthAfrica (bishop of in 328) • Defended council of Nicea in 325 o “homoousias”: with the father o “Of the same essence/being” o Orthodoxy: right praise or right belief • Arius—sun of God is created; only the father is eternal; “time when son was not” • Athanasius the exile • Sees Jesus as wholly human and wholly divine • On the Incarnation: written when the Mediterranean world started to become a major force Purpose • To gain a clear understanding about God. Wants to show God was the one who created all things • Wants to explain the necessity of the Incarnation. Only the incarnatio
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