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March 25, 2014 Athanasius Discussion • Necessity/fittingness o appropriate quality, it seems it had to be a certain way o necessity only for us and our condition o God didn’t have to do anything but chose to in order to obtain some nd • Two dynamics in text Justice Grace (Law/order) (gift/forgiveness) Relation? o Don’t abandon Justice in pursuit of Grace, find a balance between them or something beyond Justice • Violence is not intended for creation o Describe our position as “fallen” but are capable of freedom, love, etc o Chose limited good for an infinite good in idols  Refer to divine dilemma handout point 5 • Humans were made in the likeness of God, and so have the choice to accept God or not • God becomes human because he loves his creation o His motivation is love of creation o Doesn’t let his creation go to ruin so he dies and is reincarnated • God is just and is of grace—he goes beyond fulfills justice o Goes beyond what the law requires • People still die but have the hope of eternal life, and live differently in relation to their death • If God restores creation and ignores Justice then we wont be freed wholly from death but he
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