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March 11, 2014 Finding God inAll Things Ignatius of Loyola Short Film • Born in 1491 and born into money. Enjoyed drinking, gambling and brawls • Was an army officer and found focus but also loved the glory in it • Abattle in 1591 left him wounded and the Spanish troops surrender and carry him back to Loyola • In recovery he read two books, “Life of Christ” and “The Lives of Saints” • After reading these he turns away from Glory and goes to Manresa, a poor town and becomes a wanderer • He begins to write down his thoughts and realizes that God is in all things • He begins to council others but gets jailed for it. He is eventually let free but is barred from preaching without and education. • He goes to obtain an education and ends up at the University of Paris and becomes ordained • Pope Paul III creates/acknowledges the “society of Jesus” or the Jesuits • By 1548 there are 10 Jesuit colleges turning out educated men o Jesuit run o Large scope of disciplines o Students must look beyond themselves for the betterment of all mankind Class Notes • Ignatius was originally driven to become a knight to the culture of chivalry • From 1521-1522 at 26 years old in a battle against the French and gets his leg shattered, he had his leg set twice and in his recovery he read two books mentioned above. I. The beginnings of conversion: Spiritual reading and discernment a. Spiritual Reading i. “Life of Christ” 1. written by Ludolph of Saxony (ca. 1360AD) 2. creation to eternal life was popular in middle ages 3. the structure of creation, incarnation, and eternal life related to Ignatius ii. “The Lives of the Saints” 1. written by Jocabus de Voragine (d. 1928) 2. describes the lives of particular saints and tries to inspire readers 3. describes saints and Jesus as “knights” of God b. Discernment of Spirits i. Has his imagination only when recovering ii. Notices competing desires of fame vs. giving himself over to a profound mission or purpose March 11, 2014 iii. Discernment of spirits means discernment of desires, what brings you lasting peace vs. temporary peace. iv. His worldly ambitions left him feeling dry when he stopped thinking about them and put them aside. But he felt still satisfied
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