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Lecture 31

THEO 1088 Lecture 31: APRIL7_THEO100206_WALTON

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THEO 1088

Friday, April 7, 2017 Lecture 25 Galatians 2 Corinthians from Wednesday Super Apostles 1013 crisis of authority in corinthians (Paul vs super apostles) Paul claims his authority is based on hardship, Israelite, minister, signs and wonders (says he can boast too) authority: 4 qualifications to be a true apostle (list we can make) signs wonders and mighty works people who have seen the Lord (Paul sees risen Christ on the road to Damascus in Acts 9) found churches, have the right to discipline people who serve as spokes persons of an authoritative tradition Paul starts engaging in mockery of those people boasting is in contrast to what Paul usually claims Paul engages in the foolish boasting to show how ridiculous the super apostles are then boasts in his own weakness a thorn was given to me in the flash. my power is made perfect in weakness weakness demonstrates that god is the one directing his ministry Galatians authentically written by Paul main issue = circumcision (how to relate Jews and the new christians do we follow the rules jesus follow? do you bring the two groups together?) 1
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