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Lecture 28

THEO 1088 Lecture 28: MARCH31_THEO100206_WALTON

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THEO 1088

Friday, March 31, 2017 Lecture 22 Romans Didnt have class on Wednesday INTRO: romans is a letter written to deal with a particular historical time period not the whole picture, but it is one perspective on that issue romans = most importantwidely used book to understand christian theology and pauline theology authentically pauline (aka written by him) likely one of his last letters, a more developed view of his theology historical background: potentially written from corinth? 5758CE after roman jews were returning from a mini exile in 54 CE important historical reference to Jesus (Chrestus) in historian Suetonius this suggests there were enough christians in rome to make a difference to the roman empire unique because it is written to a congregation that paul did not establish, in a place he had never been (unlike Galatians, Corinthians) this one isnt really dealing with a specific problem either so whats the purpose? responding to conflict between jewish and gentile christians (when are they different? when do the religions split? are they distinct?) purpose: introduce himself to roman christians establish report w community in rome (i am longing to see you) 1
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