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The Life of the Buddha Lecture One.docx

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THEO 1161
John Makransky

The Life of Buddha 9/5/2013 9:27:00 AM  Story of Buddha began with the hermit Sumedha (thousands of lifetimes th th before Prince Siddhartha 5 or 6 century BCE) who laid in the road so Dipankara (prior Buddha) could walk over him, Dipankara said e would become a Buddha  Sumedha was an ascetic living in the countryside practicing things aimed at some form of enlightenment; wanted to meet Dipankara, feels inspired by the essence of the Buddha, Buddha did not walk on him and prophesized “this one will be Buddha in next eon”  Sumedha was dedicated to become the enlightened one (the vow of a bodhisattva)  Bodhisattva- someone who has made the commitment to be the enlightened one and fulfill all those practices lifetime after lifetime until which he finally attains Buddhahood  Buddha- someone who in prior lifetimes is a bodhisattva  The teaching of the Buddha is not the product of a clever person, the Buddhist teaching is not the product of a very smart human being, he is a cosmic figure  His teaching is the teaching of an eternal truth that is rediscovered from eon to eon  Sumedha took the formal responsibility (bodhisattva) to regain the Dharma that was lost and reintroduce the Dharma to the world once enlightenment is gained
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