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THTR 1120

Week 9 11/6/13 Body Reflection: Today in dance we did Zumba, exercise-based dancing to music. This was my first time ever doing Zumba and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. It shocked me how comfortable I felt dancing around like a fool and looking silly as I tried to keep up with the choreography (previously, I have devoted a large portion of an entire journal entry to my low comfort level with “letting loose”. I think Zumba today will help in future dance classes when we have to let go of control with some movements or when we have to be creative in front of an audience. One thing I did not expect from Zumba was the stamina required. As a Varsity athlete, I have always heard my non-athletic/non-sports friends raving about what a great and fun workout Zumba is. I had always discounted what they said because it was coming from non-athletic people. However, Zumba really is a great workout! I was sweating heavily by the end of class and I was not even dancing that intensely. My favorite part of the Zumba day was the part where we were taught Tahitian dance. Tahitian dance is all about isolating movement to one location in your body: your hips. Nothing else is suppose to move really, and you are supposed to try and keep your head level. Trying to move my hips (and only my hips) as fast as the music was going was very difficult but I got the main movement down eventually and was proud of myself for doing so. Learning this style of dance gave me a new appreciation for how strong, yet flexible Tahitian dancer hips, quads, hamstrings, and glutes must be in order to do that movement for an entire song. We only learned about 2 minutes of the Tahitian song, however, in that time I’m pretty sure I worked my hips and IT band enough for them to be sore tomorrow. This surprises me especially since I play field hockey, one of the sports that requires the greatest about of hip, quad, hamstring, and glute strength and endurance. Week 9 11/7/13 Reading Response: This week in MHDC we read “Beyond Description: Writing beneath the Surface” by Deborah Jowitt, an article discussing the problems often encountered in dance writings (reviews, critiques, etc.). I think this article could not have come at a better time, considering on Friday I will attend the Dancer’s Create concert and write a paper about the performance. In the very beginning of the article, Jowitt discusses how it is common for reviewers and dance writers to write about the significance of a dance performance, or rather the story that emerges in the work. Jowitt dislikes this approach to dance writing, saying that “The point is, in searching for what a dance may mean, not to loose sight of what it is or appears to be”(7). Jowitt emphasizes a “descriptive” style of writing about dance, where, through flowery descriptions of what movement is occurring, one hints at what is going on beneath the surface of a work. I both like and dislike this approach at the same time. I like this approach because it gives the reader a good image of what the dance is like/what is going on. As I have said in previous journal entries, if it is one thing I need as a reader, it
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