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THTR 1120

Week 10 11/13/13 Body Reflection Unfortunately, we did not end up moving in class at all this week so I cannot discuss how my body responded to that movement as I typically do in these journal responses. Therefore, I feel it pertinent to discuss how my body is feeling/responding to being done with the field hockey season and not doing two and a half hours of exercise every afternoon. The general’s field hockey team ended our season a week ago and because I am a senior, I did not need to attend the continuing practices Coach Orrison holds up until Thanksgiving break. As such, with the exception of one measly hour-long run I ran last Tuesday, I have not exercised in a week. For that, my body feels awesome and not so awesome at the same time. First, this weeklong break from exercise was greatly needed. I did not actually realize the extent to which my body was mentally and physically exhausted until I had more than a single day’s rest from exercise. I think in the last week I have let myself sleep 10+ hours a night and I still wake up feeling like I need more sleep! I am so much less stressed out about schoolwork and classes because I have an extra 3 hours each afternoon to do homework and I have my Saturdays back as well. Overall, I feel relaxed for the first time in three months and I feel like I can finally slow down and appreciate the experiences of senior year. However, I can already tell, that not exercising for a full week has had negative side effects on my body as well. My body is a great deal tighter, and I have already lost some of my endurance and flexibility that I worked so hard to achieve during my three months playing hockey. Furthermore, I have started to go stir crazy with not using up all of my energy each day and am actually starting to miss running around like a maniac. I think I will go on another run today! Week 10 11/13/13 Reading Response: If you had asked me two months ago about my opinions on improvisation, I would have told you vehemently that I did not like improvisation and do not think it should qualify as a form of formal dance. Today, I am still unsure about improvisation and these readings only clouded my judgments more. Of the two readings in MHDC, “10,000 Jams Later: Contact Improvisation in Canada, 1974- 1995” by Peter Ryan was, for me, the more interesting and thought provoking of the two. Rather than straight improvisation, this reading discusses a type or subcategory of improvisation called contact improvisation. From my comprehension of the reading, contact improvisation involves two dancers, and the improvisation that evolves between the two. I was (and am still) a tiny bit confused as to how this is different from regular improvisation but then I remember back to the end of the last class we had before you left. In using the term “contact improvisation” is Ryan talking about what you demonstrated in class, that when two dancers are improving with different character types a story eventually ends up evolving? Is that how duet improvisati
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