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THTR 1120

Week 8 10/28/13 Body Reflection: Today in class I feel like the main message or concept that stood out most to me was learning how to let go of ones inhibitions. This is and will be a hard concept for me to achieve because of my past history with my body. As a child, I was always on the bigger and taller side of my age group. That, combined with my athleticism, strength, and lack of control I had over my body, made me a very dangerous little kid when it came to rough housing or playing sports. I had a very bad knack for accidentally hurting people when I got too intense during whatever we were playing. Because my childhood was basically adults telling me constantly to calm down, and play “gentler like the other girls,” I quickly learned how to control my body and am reluctant to relinquish that control. I felt that reluctance today when we were expanding upon the floor and arm choreography we have been working on in class. When told to swing my legs, or throw my head back, I hesitate. When we were rolling around on the floor I was always careful to be hyper-aware of the people around me. I was petrified that I might accidentally kick someone. During the last exercise where we paired up and moved with partners displaying both active and exaggerative dancing styles, I had similar fears arise that took away from my ability to accomplish the exercise. During my turn as the “exaggerative” partner, I realized I was falling back on the same type of movements or the same method of exaggeration every time my partner changed he dance move. For example, for one move, my partner did a simple two-step bob with her legs. I exaggerated it by running to two points diagonally about five yards from each other and bobbing up and down as I hit each point. The next move she did was swinging her arms from side to side. I ended up exaggerating this by running from two points diagonally about five yards from each other and swinging my arms side-to-side as I did so. Sound familiar? I want to be able to let go of my inhibitions and body easily, I just do not know how to do so yet. What can I do to help diminish this fear of “letting go”? How can I be confident that when I do let go and let my body fly with reckless abandon, that my movements will still be purposeful and controlled? Week 8 10/31/13 Reading Response: This week for our MHDC reading we read two different articles: “Choreographic Methods of the Judson Dance Theater” by Sally Banes and “Chance Heroes” by Deborah Jowitt. Of the two readings, I enjoyed the latter more because I felt it provoked more questions and thought from me as a reader. However, in my Jowitt assumes too much of the reader in terms of dance knowledge and background. For example, in the second paragraph, she talks about the differences between Cunningham (who’s performance she was originally reviewing) and Balanchine. She never once explains or gives any amount of background information on Balanchine, which threw me off a little in terms of full comprehension of what the author was trying to convey about Cunningham. It made me wonder where this article was originally published. Hopefully, it was in a more specific dance journal or magazine, because if it were in the everyday newspaper, I feel like this article would be a lot less effective
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