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Lecture 3

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Boston College
THTR 1120

Week 3 9/23/13 Reflection Today in class we continued to learn how to walk and be aware of our surroundings. We specifically focused on how our bodies were spatially arranged around the things around us, the distances between our bodies and other bodies, and finally, the distances between ourselves and objects around us.After class, I tried applying this throughout the rest of my day and I definitely felt some changes in the awareness of my body. I walked from class to class and because I was looking at distances and objects, I “saw” them more. Typically, I go through daily life walking with my eyes towards the ground, or looking around but not truly registering anything that I am seeing around me. Today, as I looked and observed the people and objects and their relation to my body, I took in more detail about those objects. For the people walking ahead of me or near me in anyway, I started taking in their style of clothing, and how they walked. This triggered questions in my mind about who they were and what their personality was like. By the end of the day, I had made up a little game with myself. For people I saw who I did not know, I would briefly observe their walk, posture and clothing, and conjecture as to what kind of person they were, and what personality type they might have. From continually being conscious of object/people and the distances between them and myself, I could more easily sense people behind me (or at least I was more aware of the people walking behind me). Another dance class technique that I attempted (and succeeded!) in applying today was the idea of “staying present at all times” which we learned from the mirroring exercises in class. I decided to apply this today of all days because I had a good amount of physical chemistry work to catch up on from the weekend. Sitting down in the chemistry asylum to avoid all social distractions, I was consciously making an effort to stay present as I did all my homework problems. I finished all of my work in about half the time it normally takes me, and I felt like I understood the material I was covering better that I usually do. I will have to try to keep up this “staying present” while doing homework more often. After I was done with all of my homework, however, I was utterly exhausted from all of the concentration and focus the work took. I had to take a twenty-minute nap just to start the homework for my other classes. Week 3 9/25/13 Response This week we read two articles in MDHC about Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis, two of the founders of modern dance. To be brutally honest, I did not follow a lot of what was discussed in the Ruth St. Denis article. I did however, like the concept of orientalism, which was introduced in the article. Orientalism is a term that describes the perpetuating stereotypes westerners had (and still have) for Eastern culture. Nowadays, with Internet and other technology, it is easier to stay connected with countries across the world; however, in St. Denis’s time, the East was a far-off and strange land. The east was an exotic place, more natural and primitive compared to the booming industrialized west, and, because of this primitive state, the east is often thought of as being more sensual as well. It upset me to learn that St. Denis had no knowledge of Indian dance before writing this piece. It reminded me of when we spoke in class about dance reviews being written by someone who has never had formal dance training. I also can connect it to field hockey (sorry, I connect everything to field hockey) with referees who have never actually played the sport they referee.Although I’m sure St. Denis did her research in terms of Indian culture, to cr
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