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THTR 1120

Week 12 12/2/13 Body Response: Today in dance, as we continued working on our performance pieces for Wednesday, I learned the delicate balance of controlling ones’ “uncontrolled” body. In previous journal, I have discussed focusing on the concept of “letting go” and letting my body be uncontrolled and relaxed for specific movements. For example, this came up a lot when we were doing the choreography to Coldplay’s The Scientist. I have been working on this concept a lot with our final performances dances; however, today I learned the importance of having some control with this non-control when I accidentally smacked my head against the ground (rather hard) as we were practicing. After the throbbing subsided (do not worry it did not really hurt for that long) it really made me think and appreciate the dexterity of professional dancers to look like they have so much freedom and wildness in their movements but still secretly maintaining some control underneath. In class we also briefly critiqued the other group’s dances using a method of critiquing I had never heard of before. Basically, instead of giving direct feedback, we stimulated thought in the performing group’s mind by asking them questions about their dance. While I admired this styled approach at critiques for its’ indirectness and amiability, overall, I felt this method is less effective than direct comments and criticisms. The main problem I had with this method is that when my group sat down to discuss our questions, we had an argument for every single one. It was extremely difficult therefore to decipher which question to choose to alter/fix about our dance. Furthermore, the majority of the questions we received were about dancer focus and sightline. While this did stimulate a conversation within our group about trying to not look at each other and just trust that we are all doing the correct movements at the correct time, these questions were easily dismissed because we knew that we were just ill practiced. Because about half of our questions were about dancer line of sight, I felt like we did not get as many critiquing questions to think about for our dance as maybe the other groups did. Week 12 12/2/13 Reading Response: This week in MHDC we read “Technique/Technology/Technique” by LM Naugle and “Absence/Presence” by Ann Dils. Both of these articles focus on technology and how it can be incorporated into dance, or rather the potential of its relationship to dance. While I cannot think of anything to respond about either of these articles specifically (except maybe the fact that “Absence/Presence” confused me a lot when it was trying to describe Ghostcatching), I will say that both of these article inspired me to really think about technology today and how we could utilized today’s technology in dance both for teaching and improving dancing techniques and creating new ideas and forms of dance and presenting dance itself. I find it interesting (sorry for the use of the word) that both of these articles were written prior to MHDC’s publication date in 2001 and would be very intrigued with anything these authors would say about the rela
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