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Boston College
THTR 1170
Howard Enoch

Intro to Theatre The Industrial Revelation • Politically  the dimming of the royal order and the rise of a democratic government o Ex. Hamlet: destruction of the natural order of power • Socially  egalitarianism = all men are created equal • Culturally  naturalism = all knowledge comes from nature Industrialism – the assembly line Education – the scientific method; reasoning Naturalism • Extreme attempt to show life without any dramatic shaping • Looking at untouched nature to find all answered • Raw, unpleasant experience that was like watching cheese age • All nature is inner related, thus, observation of any part of nature will enlighten us all to nature Realism – 1850 • “A laboratory in which the nature of relationships or the ills of society or the symptomsofa dysfunctionalfamily,orthesocial implications of an unjust characterization of persons or people, are objectively presented to an audience for a judgment that reflects an impartial observation.” • Actors to not merely represent characters, RATHER they become them o The System ▯ actors should not just come onto the stage a say the words, but they should become the character (emotionally, etc.) o VS. Externalism ▯ start with the shape, look, feel, etc. to become the character (external to emotional) o VS. Internalism ▯ start with how the character feels to become the character (internal to emotional) Anti-Realist Movement • Symbolism ▯ heavy use of symbolism rein
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