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Boston College
THTR 1170
Howard Enoch

Hampsch 1 Audra Hampsch Introduction to Theatre Prof. Enoch 10 February 2014 Wild This prequel to Wicked reconstructs Elphaba’s familial complications in terms of her controversial birth. Acomic melodrama, Wild follows the story of Elphaba’s reckless mother, Melena, as she struggles to find independence in her quest for love, which ultimately spirals her into depression and alcoholism. From Melena’s engagement to Flex until Nessarose’s birth, this play defines the family relationships—or lack thereof—that is evermore present in Wicked. Melena Withner– a glamorous but reckless young woman who loves Thomas Harte Thomas Harte – also known as Turtle Heart; a dark, mysterious man who pursues Melena and is often involved in crime Flex Thropp– an attractive, wealthy youth who swoons over Melena Nanny – Melena’s advisor, confidant, and nanny Nesser Withner– Melena’s strict and rigid father Rose Withner– Melena’s timid and cowardly mother Elphabie Harte – Thomas Harte’s sister Act I Scene 1 [It is evening in Munchkinland, Oz. Enter Nesser, Rose, and Melena to the common room of the Withner household] Nesser: You will marry him. No excuses. Melena: But Father, please... Flex isn’t the man for me. I don’t love him, and I never will. Nesser: Then who is it that you love? Melena: [she hesitates] I can’t tell you that. Nesser: Because he’s a poor, unambitious wretch, isn’t he? Whoever he is. Melena: Father! Nesser: Flex comes from a family of money, dear. You’ll never have to work a day in your life. Melena: That’s not what I want. Nesser:And what an attractive face! He has impeccable genes. Surely your children will be the most gorgeous ones in Oz. Melena: That doesn’t matter to me. Nesser: Mel, Flex is the most coveted bachelor in all of Munchkinland. You’d be crazy not to take this opportunity. Melena: Father, I would be bored if I spent my life with Flex, bathing in money and lavishness for all eternity. I don’t want that. The man I love is an adventurous man, who keeps me on my toes with spontaneity. True, he may not have as much money as Flex, but really, Father, what is the worth of money nowadays? Nesser: Money is worth everything. Melena: [scowling] Don’t you mean everything is worth money? Rose: Melena, calm down. Hampsch 2 Melena: Don’t you care about my happiness? Nesser: I do, darling.And that is precisely why you will marry Flex next Friday. It’s for your own good. That is final. Melena: Father! [Nesser exits the room, as Rose timidly follows. Melena is alone on stage.] Melena: I’ll marry that fool the day monkeys can fly! [She sighs heavily] Oh Thomas! Why can’t my father see my fervent love for you? [Thomas enters the room] Thomas: Did you call my name, love? Melena: Thomas! How did you get inside my house? Thomas: Through the window in the kitchen. Melena: You can’t be here! My father will see you and he’ll know! Thomas: He’ll know what? Melena: He’s forcing me to wed Flex on next Friday’s afternoon. Thomas: Well, didn’t you tell him about us? Melena: I couldn’t! If he knew who you were, we wouldn’t be allowed to be together anymore. Thomas: Melena, it was only a small warning for an insignificant violation. I promised the munchkin police I wouldn’t venture outside the yellow brick gates anymore. They’re about to take the violation off my record for good! Melena: No, Thomas, it’s not about your criminal record. It’s about… well…. (she hesitates) Thomas: My skin? Melena: Don’t get me wrong, love; I adore your greenish color. It’s just my father. He thinks it’s… well… he’d call it “unwealthy.” Thomas: Don’t you mean “unhealthy?” Melena: I just couldn’t tell him your name. Thomas: Well if he only recognizes the name “Thomas Harte” as the man with green skin, why can’t I just change my name? Melena: To what? Thomas: I don’t know. Trevor Harris? Tim Hoppins? Turnip Hash? Melena: How about Turtle Heart? Thomas: “Turtle” because I’m green? Melena:And “Heart” because you love with it! Thomas: “Heart” as in H-E-A-R-T, not H-A-R-T-E? Melena: Precisely! [The two lovers hear footsteps approaching the common room] Melena: You must leave! Someone is coming. Thomas: Meet me by the yellow brick bridge at eight o’clock tonight. Take the back roads, my love, the main street will be heavy with munchkin preparation since tomorrow is Emerald Day. There, we can discuss our plans to run away. Melena: Run away?! [Thomas exits through the window as Nanny enters the room] Hampsch 3 Nanny: Is someone here? I thought I heard a man’s voice. Melena: No, Nanny, it’s just me. Nanny: My sweet Melena, why do you look so sad? Melena: Oh Nanny, my father doesn’t understand me. I want to do what I want, but he only wants “the best for me.” I don’t even know what that means. How could the best for me be so excruciatingly painful? Nanny: You might not see it yet, but your parents care for you more than they care for themselves. You
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