UNAS 1106 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Gie, Weltschmerz

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- Louis Astog What Did I do to be so Black and Blue
o Song is important because he identifies with Armstrong
o He makes poetry out of being invisible which is what the Invisible man feels
o What did he do to deserve this
o He feels agialized eause he feels hite iside, ut that does’t help  ase
He is just like you and me and the only differentiation is the color of his skin
o What did I do to get this type of marginalization
- Prologue
o Reminiscent of the beginning of the Underground Man
Starts at the most recent and reminisces into the past
o He’s liig i the aseet ad is stealig light fo Moopolated Light ad Poe
White people have a monopoly of what white people have power
He is taking the monopoly from them therefore taking their monopoly
o Narrative
Stream of consciousness
Going back into time to relive and retell the experiences in the past
Gives greater access to the interior life of the narrator
Feels as it were real
Flos ut the flo itself is’t liear
o Impressionistic
o Flows in such a way to keep the reader off guard (off balance)
o Musically
Feels like jazz and blues
o Exclamations and expressions of interior sadness
o 12 bars (3rd, 5th, 7th, and sometimes 9th notes are flattened)
o gives the illusion or a slur
o has a feeling that seems less animated
o there are happy blues and sad blues
o What Did I do to e so Blak ad Blue is a eaple
o Ellison is taken out of the tradition and used it to move the story forward
o Theme
Search for recognition
To be recognized as a person and a human being
- Page 7
o In the underground and is surrounded by light
Light is symbolic of truth
1369 (square of 37 and is how old Ellison was when he wrote it)
o EllisonHis education reflects what he learned in his book
Writing during the Harlem renaissance
Rich black literary and music culture
Enormous flowering of black intellectual and cultural life in the midst of
Everything is relevant to his own experience
o Light is truth
Joh’s gospel
o Thike-tinke
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