UNAS 1106 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Defence Mechanisms, Speedstep, Anemoi

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Invisible Man
- Page 33
o Dream
Feud’s seso
Mechanism that we possess within consciousness
It lets into consciousness the things that we want and prevents unwanted insides
and experiences from intruding in on our consciousness
Defense mechanism that can protect us or help us live in our illusions
The way in which the sensor has fallen asleep and consciousness forms and gets you to face
things that you are unable to see
Allows you to deal with the uncomfortable
o Dream of a circus
Grandfather would not allow himself to laugh
Fids ad eelope that has a essage Keep This Nigge-Bo Ruig
Foreshadowing the future
- Page 35
o At the school
uietess ad a ahe as though all th old ee loliess
Listes to A Might fotess is ou Go? a oposition by Bach
School imposes a very rigid and traditional sound
Quest for recognition
Buildig’s oa
Quest for identity
o “ee hi thik out i a ultue that does’t eall eist
- Mr. Norton
o White guy from Boston who founded the school
o Rich, delusional, egocentric, cold, lifeless
o Naïve like the invisible man
o Out of his element
o In his denial about the daughter
I deial that he did’t ause he ad oit iest
Flaegasted  Tuelood’s sto
- Page 38
o Capus is  life ad I ko  life athe ell
ioi eause he does’t eall ko ho he is
associates the campus with his identity
- Page 39
o I do’t ko hethe it as his isio o ie
trying to take credit for what his friend accomplished
o Refes to lak people as the hite a’s ude
o I idetified self ith the ih a eiisig o the ea seat
does not have a solid sense of identity
- Page 41
o Norton wants Invisible man to read Emerson
highlights the isolation that he feels
ou a’t do thigs o ou o
thinking about Emerson i a a that justifies the hite a’s ude
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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