TDR 2800 Lecture 4: Lecture 4: Dramatic Structures Lecture 5: Set Design

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TDR - Theatre and Drama
TDR 2800
Jessica Mueller

Theatre Experience Lecture Notes 4 and 5 LECTURE 4 Dramatic Structures Essential elements: Conflict 3 types of conflict 1. Man versus nature 2. Man versus man 3. Man versus supernatural Sometimes the conflict is man versus society, more of a sub category between nature and man conflicts Plot how you tell the story Balanced opposing forces forces in conflict have equal desire and motivation; if the struggle is balanced, it becomes a source of pleasure for the audience Sequence: how the action of the story progresses Important elements: Opening scene Obstacles and complications circumstances, characters, or events that stand in the way of the main characters goals and desires crisesclimax moment of highest tension Types of sequence Episodic action starts out of order and story follows many subplots related to the main plot Common type of theatre during the Renaissance and Spanish theatre Shakespeare commonly used this style of writing in his plays Think of A Midsummer Nights Dream, where the main action starts in the middle of the conflict about marriage, escalates as the characters run into the forest and complicates with the love potion, and digresses into the subplots of the faerie conflict between Titania and Oberon and the planning of the mechanicals before finding any resolution Climactic follows the classic plot diagram Plot diagram: Exposition introduction of characters and circumstances Rising action events that build tension Climax moment of highest tension Falling action explores the aftermath of the climax Conclusion (aka denoument) resolves the action of the play
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