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Lecture 3

CHEM 3B Lecture 3: Eye Care Professionals

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Death, Taxes, and Males get glasses more than females Age 40, need for glasses increases Light Basics Point sources of light diverge when travels a distance (~ 20ft) Refraction Light bends at a surface Bend light to make things more focused Macula Densest part of photoreceptors When looking at someone, the macula directs there What Doc wants to know How long you noticed Acute onset (one day it just came out of focus) vs gradual onset (happening for 2 weeks) How old are you? Whats the margin of error? 2020 > test distance (in feet)letter size 2040 Letter must be twice as big to see Twice as close Myopia development Insufficient monitoring of growth of the eye, grows but doesnt stop b.c signal broke Genetics Near work 88 genetic, 12 environment Genetics of myopia Identical twins vs fraternal twins Identical > same dna Fraternal > born same time, different DNA (same as regular siblings) Higher prevalence in Asian, Caucasian 6 months old > optometrist Can see a lot through eyes Babies first are far sighted. If baby emmetropic, may be nearsighted in future Environment influences Near work Textmessaging, handheld video games, surfing the web Outside time Myopia = intelligence? Suggests its true Nearsighted kids > better readers Final word: orinda study Followed in Orinda, CA Genetics:
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